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  • Hi, Betty!
    You're very welcome. Yes, our arms sound about the same. ROM exercises are great, my husband does them for me for legs and arms, feels so good at night.
    My ALS started in my legs, but not distally or with drop foot but rather the thighs and moved out. Funny, I didn't mind losing legs nearly as much as arms! After a life-long battle with weight, I can finally eat what I want and the thoughts of not being able to feed myself (shudder)-I don't think anyone else will be able to shovel it in fast enough!
    Okay, maybe not that bad.
    And yes, here's to slow progression for all!
    Cheers xo
    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for the welcome. I wanted to say hi. I read your ‘Sudden loss of limb function, arms’ post; was sorry the thread was close. Would have loved to jump in. For me its the left arm biceps; I can’t raise the arm higher than my shoulder and simply moving it is awkward and can hurt. I can make a fist but my fingers are a little jerky on the keyboard. Right arm doing ok for now. I notice that your als started from the trunk. So we are somewhat different. Rob [NothingButLove]’s posts were helpful. I too was told to do ROM exercises and it is helping. I have a caregiver for an hour each morning to help be up and bathed. I have her doing ROM on the legs and arms. Should have been doing this all along….. Hope this progressing slowly enough for us to adapt. Betty
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