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    Hi Micheline - Glad you're back. I think you need to get the PEG before your breathing gets too bad for you to have the procedure. Where's that social worker that said you'd be OK on your own? I can't believe anyone thought 2 days of help per week would be enough. Liz
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    Hit a wall!

    I had to go to the hospital earlier this week. My biggest fear, which came true, was that I would not be able to communicate my needs to the hospital staff. While I was there, I noticed that the family of the woman in the bed next to me had posted a sign over the head of her bed with special...
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    Micheline - You sound so depressed. Has that been addressed with your care team? I understand the issues in your family are making everything worse. No wonder it's so hard to make a decision. I know taking an antidepressant won't fix your family but relocating won't cure depression. JMHO...
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    Problems with catheter

    My experience with catheters was as bad as your wife's. Nothing helped and I finally gave up because it made me so miserable.
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    mobility wheel van

    Here's a link to the VA's web site with info about the Automobile Assistance benefit. We found a reasonably priced van on craigslist.
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    Cather's and all the problems and maybe solutions

    I couldn't take it anymore so I called the VNA. The nurse who came guessed the first cath wasn't placed in far enough. She replaced it. Problem solved. Whew!
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    Cather's and all the problems and maybe solutions

    I had a Foley placed 5 days ago. I can't find a way to sit comfortably. Tips anybody?
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    Remember We are people facing ALS

    Pat - I'll catch up with you via PM, hang tough.
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    The Twitching or the Egg?

    MangiPNG - You came here after you had a complete neurological exam and were told you didn't have ALS. You were treated compassionately and respectfully by every member who responded to your posts. I've never heard of anyone being blackballed on this forum but I'm not sure how much more...
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    Longevity after ALS diagnosed .... age dependant ?

    Nope, it's not age dependent. It's random.
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    Remember We are people facing ALS

    Bart - The opinions of anonymous PALS on an internet forum are no substitute for your physician's advice. Casey - Maybe you could post more often, offer your insight to help us deal with all of these inquiries and reassure folks who are now in the position you were in when you sought help from...
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    The Twitching or the Egg?

    Maybe that Do I Have ALS? section should come with a disclaimer: "Please be advised that the people you are about to ask this question are in no way qualified to answer it and can offer only medically unreliable opinions, anecdotes, and speculation AND the confidence with which any member...
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    Remember We are people facing ALS

    Casey - You seem nice but I feel that your comment really trivializes an issue many of us feel strongly about. You have posted here two times (one being your post above) since September 2008 so you have not had the experience of being bombarded daily with these queries that us "moaners" have...
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    survey on twitches and cramps

    Please read the thread titled "Remember We Are People Facing ALS" before you post again.
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    ALS development after clean EMG

    I had a dirty EMG when my only symptom was weakness/atrophy in one hand. If your EMG was clean there is no reason to worry about ALS.