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  • Hi Lixen - you seem to be very knowledgeable with your info. I Seem to be reading a lot of your comments lately. Was wondering if you could look into my threads and please let me know what you think? Right now, I have symptoms everywhere with weak hands, slurred speech, weak breathing, and painful stiff legs as the major symptoms. If you have any time at all to review my recent thread and give me some info I'd appreciate it. Thank you for all that you do.
    Hi Lixen, I would again like to welcome you and encourage you to post an introduction on yourself. As a long time lurker you would be aware that this is the best way to start talking with and getting to know us. I hope your xmas went ok for you. Tillie
    Hi Lixen. I have talked to you on a thread before. It would be great if you were to make an introduction post and tell us about yourself? Probably the past caregivers forum would be a good place. Then we can get to know you a little and support each other. xxx Tillie
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