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    HISA loan

    Could any tell me what the best use of the HISA grant was for you?
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    my dad is tortured with saliva/mucus - need advice...

    Thank you Affected, you are an angel.
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    my dad is tortured with saliva/mucus - need advice...

    Chalky , do you think it would work through a feeding tube.This sounds like a stupid question , even as I'm typing it .Jim can't take any liquids by mouth.
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    HISA loan

    We are so lucky to have the VA helping. I'm joined a closed Facebook forum recently. Some CALS have been upset about vet's receiving benefits , which they don't. It got pretty heated.
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    Is this early ALS?

    Paul , my husband has PBP , his started with speech issue's. He never had any lump , or a sore throat .He still doesn't. He just can't speak or swallow .We saw numerous doctor's , and he endured many test.
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    Oklahoma City VAMC

    Hi Wilson . My sister in law said she had read that Vet's may soon be able to use any hospital , or Dr and the VA will pay. I hope it's true. Good luck.
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    Radicava with ALS score of 2 or less

    A woman I met at a support group had Blue Cross. Her husband had started the treatments , Blue Cross then said they wouldn't pay for the treatments any longer.
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    I live in Texas , and unfortunately there are many PALS at the Dallas VA , and a support group I attend.The beast lives here too.
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    Hello and need advice

    Welcome to the most exclusive club in the world , an one no one choose to join. If there is an ALS chapter near you they are very helpful.They brought us literature to read , and many contact #..They offered to make phone calls for us.I've called them many time's , and they always call back.Best...
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    HISA loan

    Thank you GillG I'm going to call tomorrow .Do you use the VA in Dallas? welcome too , there are many helpful people here.All the best to you .
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    Other forum's for ALS

    Thank you all. I've found some good closed Facebook sites.
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    SAH grant

    Thank you Chalky ,I keep telling myself that.We have been in our home 36 year's , we have a lot of stuff.We've started clearing closets out.I really don't know how our kids ever lived here, we've taken over closet in the house .
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    SAH grant

    Gooseberry , my husband is still mobile and healthy , if you don't factor in the mic-key and his inability to talk.He s using his text to talk more.The contractor is remodeling the master bath , enlarging doors ,new flooring and French doors.Quisenberry has very good rating , so I'm just hoping...
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    Anyone started on Radivica yet? Use this thread to discuss access/ insurance

    A friend at a support group meeting said that Blue Cross cancelled their insurance after a month of being treated with it.
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    SAH grant

    Thank you all. We are going to stay at home too.