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  • Hi Lita,

    I hope you are doing ok. Let me know how your appt at Barrow goes. I know that my gastroenterologist advised me there is a Dr. In AZ that specializes in correcting esophageal motility issues and my GP thinks I should go there. Yes try and push your health concerns to the back and enjoy your special day to the best that you can. Please keep in touch, I will let you know how my EMG goes this week.
    I am hanging in here, couldn't swallow today but it's been very stressful as my father in law is passing either today or tomorrow and stress seems to exacerbate my symptoms. I would go to a different neurologist if you arent getting the answers you need. Have you had an MRI yet? My hands cramp when I use them and my forearms are in alot of pain as well. I have an emg next week with a local neurologist and going to Shands in Gainsville FL and they treated my gastros brother in law. What I found to be helpful is start to see a specialist for each issue to isolate each symptom. Dr didnt believe I had swallowing issues and thought it was stress when I ended up in ER and they did the manometry test to find out my swallows are 90 percent ineffective. I continue to push and I'm not giving up I have 3 kids to fight for. Keep me posted please.
    Hi Lita,

    Hang in there huh hopefully your Rhuematologist will shed some light on what is going on. I went to 2 different ones and they were not able to identify any auto immunities, certainly you would want an MRI to rule out MS, I also had a lumbar puncture. I am still going down the path as my face on my right side too has weakness, it shakes if I smile, hurts to chew and I cant swallow. I am chasing this down until i find an answer dont give up and stay calm, you know your body . You are in my thoughts.
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