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  • Hey Kizzy, thanks for replying. I'm still waiting for my insurance to approve a trip to the neuro. Can I ask if your tongue twitching/quivering is only in certain parts of your tongue or a certain side, or is it all over? Mine is quivering and twitching on the left side in certain spots. I have very minimal speech issues, to the point I wonder if it's in my head or not. Sometimes when I eat or drink it feels like my throat is closing to soon. Like when I drink water at a normal pace I feel like I'm gulping it. But I don't choke or have any trouble getting it down. I am so scared that I think it's causing me to have all kinds of symptoms and I don't know what to think anymore. I'm worried that it's ALS and the reason my tongue isn't doing it everywhere is because I've just caught it really early. Any advice you could give would be wonderful.
    I have Bulbar and it took forever to diagnose because it is a diagnosis made by eliminating others have you been tested? Have you seen a neurologist with an ALS specialty? I would start there. It's so hard to wait.
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