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    New and so much pain. Need help.

    If you try CBD make sure it's good quality. Everyone seems to be promoting it these days. I've been using CBD oil since I was diagnosed. I started to use it mainly to help with anxiety since I didn't want to take valium or other sedatives. I now use a ratio of 1 CBS: 9 THC and only use that at...
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    Make a sentence game

    Insulted Irene needlessly sewed underwear, leaving Ted's exposed derriere Closing
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    Make a sentence game

    Pleasure Pandemic levels exacerbate already severely underfunded resources everywhere. Magnolia
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    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th to all.
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    (Not such a) long time follower, first time poster

    Welcome Rich, sorry to see you here but your in a good place with caring informative people.
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    Kim, Hopefully your beaches will be checking ID's to insure locals only will be at the beaches. What makes no sense to me is that they closed the beaches and bars but allowing you to order liquor for takeout 🤔 sounds like they're promoting drinking and driving if nothing else. We'll be staying...
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    Wednesday already? 🤗 Still stifling hot here. I finished my first cycle of Radicava on Sunday, so I'm enjoying my downtime and don't go outside if I don't have to. All went well no side effects. I called the surgeon to try and schedule my port placement. I'm afraid if I don't jump on it now with...
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    leg pain

    I experience pain on the side and in the creases behind my knees. For 2 months it was excruciating when I put any weight on my right leg. I would wrap it and apply heat and ice. I swore that I had a torn ACL or tendon. I didn't want to go to another doctor for fear of finding something else...
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    Make a sentence game

    Sandwich Sending amorous notes, Danette wishes immediate courtship happening Newspaper
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    Cristin's Ulf

    So sorry for your loss. Praying for piece for you and your daughter.
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    Just when you think life has stopped sucking it sucks even more...

    There's a special place in our hearts for our 4 legged companions and a piece breaks off each time we lose one. Take comfort in the love you gave her.
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    Make a sentence game

    Salacious Steven allocated Lucy's almonds carefully in obvious uncompromising sizes Relishing
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    Make a sentence game

    Creature Carefully reviewing each answer, Ted ultimately reassured Erin. Global
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    Hi Dave, I did use cling wrap for bathing and to stand in the pool. I want to have the port put in ASAP.
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    Missed checking in yesterday, it's been a hectic week. I'm on day 11 of my first round of Radicava infusions. So far so good no side effects. Like I reported before I seem to have more energy after the infusion and my walking is good for a couple of hours after. I still haven't heard back from...