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  • Thinking of you and your family, and wanted to share my experience with you.
    When I was diagnosed a little more than a year ago, my kids were 15 and 8.

    My wife and I explained what was happening to me like this:
    We had recently had a very close family friend (23 years old) pass away from a car accident.

    We explained to the kids, I'm lucky because I've been given the time to tell them, and everyone else how much I love them.
    Things will change, maybe fast, maybe slow, but the main thing is, I love them and have been given the time to show them that.

    Believe this or not, I (along with my family) have lived more since diagnosis than before.
    There is life after diagnosis (it's not the same, and it's hard) but It's out there if you look for it.

    All the best to you and yours,
    Stay positive, and don't be afraid to live a little.

    Hi lindsays. My boys were about the same age when i was diagnosed. There is no easy way to talk to them about this. We did not present the whole picture to them at one time, only what we thought they could handle. They saw obvious changes in my physical being that could not be ignored. They would ask questions, we would be honest, but only to the extent we thought they could digest at the time. We shared tears and continue to do so as we talk. The heavy questions were asked... Wheelchair , getting better and dying, etc... We dealt with them as they came up. My boys know i have als... There is no explanation why... There is no cure... I'm getting worse... And i cad die in a matter of years because of it(which i refuse to do...being stubborn has its advantages). Again , this info came out over the course of a couple years.
    Take time for you and your husband to let the news digest. Much more to share if you want.
    Hi Lindsay, Just saw your post - sorry for your family. Was gonna mention exactly what Deb suggested. All the best to you. I hope it helps to know that you are not alone.
    Hi, Lindsays and welcome to the forums. So sorry that you needed to find us. You'll find a wealth of info here in our archives and plenty of caring people to guide you and your family on this journey.
    There are several discussions in the archives about "telling the kids". Have a go with the search engine to bring them up. You'll find links to pertinent threads at the bottom of a thread. You might want to start your own thread to introduce yourself and your family and ask any questions you may have as they arise.
    Good luck to you,
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