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    Medicare AHHHHH!

    Letters from healthcare professionals can help in medicare appeals. I was just able to help my laryngectomee patient, along with a letter from his physician, in getting his appeal for Medicare. I stated in the letter why in my professional opinion he was in need of services, etc and some of...
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    question for the ladies

    What about tanks or camisoles? I don't know how much support you need, but they are much easier to get on and off than sports bras and don't require any fastening.
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    Blowing the nose

    As long as the person is not aspirating, one of the things that can be done, if they tolerate, is to have a saline solution sprayed up the nose to help loosen things up....then the syringe bulb might help. The saline solution will help to thin out the secrections, making the aspiration of the...
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    am I crazy, I just want enjoy what's left

    Bryan, I don't think you're crazy at all to enjoy life and to be happy, rather than feeling sad every day about the diagnosed of ALS. Actually, all people should live as if "today is their last day"....maybe this world would be a better place. People would slow down and learn to enjoy and do...
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    Undiagnosed with serious symptoms and questions

    Hi Jamie, I am not diagnosed as of yet either. I have had symptoms of stuff for over 2 years. I was thinking I had MS, since Lyme's, Lupus, other nasty disease based on my symptoms have been ruled out, but now I think I have a MND as I have fasciculations in my tongue, more cramping in my...
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    Confused and going insane!

    Al, you made me smile. Elisa, here is another HUG! Linda
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    Mom newly diagn. today

    Hi Diane, I'm sorry about the diagnosed of your mom of ALS today. You have found a wonderful source of support by coming to this board. It has a combination of caregivers as well as people with ALS and those of us, like me, that most likely have it, but are awaiting the final diagnosis...
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    Nita, I think it's unfair of them to say why prolong it? For one thing, there is a difference in making one comfortable and preventing other problems to make her more comfortable, such as using Bipap to help with her breathing and a tube to make sure she gets her nutrition in hopes of keeping...
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    Tongue Deviation

    tongue deviation on protrusion (sticking it out) usually means a unilateral (onesided) weakness. The tongue will deviate to the weaker side, as the stronger side will push the weaker side that way.
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    West Nile Dx with Bulbar ALS Symptoms

    Hello Jack, I was going to do the HI Jack thing like Al, but that was his joke. lol. Anyhow, a lot of your symptoms can still be related to neurological deficits caused by West Nile. It's one of those viruses that can really wreck havoc on the nervous system, like Lyme's can. In regards to...
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    Flu Season

    Pneumovac is good for 10 years, with a booster sometimes given after 5 years depending on the patient's health status. Linda
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    hello im needing soom support tonight

    Kelly, Sometimes the atrophy in the area below the thumb can just be due to ulnar nerve damage from something like carpal tunnel syndrome and doesn't necessarily have to be due to ALS. Various things can cause atrophy and this may even be due some to your Lyme's. What did the doctor say...
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    You're welcome Felicia. By the way, medicare changes the rules all the time on what constitutes requiring a PEG and their payment. Your meals might be put down as "pleasure feeds" for payment of the tube feeding. Each facility is different on what they provide for a "pleasure" tray. Usually...
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    Confused and going insane!

    Cindy, As well as heartburn being uncomfortable to say the least and annoying, it can lead to other problems too, so shouldn't be taken lightly. There are drugs you can be on to help decrease the amount and protect your esophagus, etc, in addition to following the reflux precautions I...
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    Hi Felicia, This is Linda, another speech therapist. I think a feeding tube is good in a lot of cases. For one, it allows you to get your nutrition and hydration needs if you're having difficulty swallowing, even if it's just to supplement oral nutrition and hydration due to swallowing...