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  • Hi Kelly,

    I see you haven't been on here in ages, but I'm just dropping a line to ask for your advice on the Lyme/ALS saga you went through because I appear to be going through the same thing. If by some miracle you check this, can we have a little dialogue? I would appreciate it so much. Thanks.

    Hi, I read a comment you made in a post about lyme disease. My husband has been treated with the 30 days of doxi twice for suspected lyme in the past 10 years. He just recently started having symptoms of slurred speach and fasciculations along with fatigue and cramping. He got a diagnosis of ALS. Could you point me in the right direction about Lyme so I may educate myself on it?
    Thanks - I am glad you enjoyed it. As I tell everyone it is not about me it is a story of hope for all PALS.
    Hi Kelly,
    I am a new member recently diagnosed with a motor neuron disease by a neurologist. I am also being treated for Lyme by a LLMD. I am in a wheelchair. I noticed you were from Alabama and wondered if you were treated by Dr. Mc in Mobile?
    Hi Kelly.
    I had chronic lyme disease since 03. I am totally well now aafter a long journey and over 15 doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors etc. Most didn't know much at all about this disease. I got better doing
    phosphatydal choline iv's with glutathione 2 years. And the main thing was the Nutramedix Herbs.
    They really work to kill the infections much better than iv antibiotics .
    Hi Limegreen, I am new here. I have lyme and did real well with the phos chol pushes followed by glutathione. It got real expensive. I have a friend thats a nurse and would like to get them for home
    use. Do you know where I can purchase the phos cho/ glutathine?
    thanks Marshall
    Hi Kelly. You have been kind enough to contribute to a thread of mine in the past, i was hoping to "pick your brain" once more. My neurologist and infectious disease doctors are still on a holding pattern, unable to diagnose what I have. Meanwhile the pain and weakness in my hands, shoulders and legs continues to advance. I'm curious about your symptoms since even though I've been tested for it, I'm told different things about the testing methods and other factors affecting the a negative test result. If you could describe your symptoms and how you finally got your diagnosis, I'd appreciate it. I had a clean EMG a week ago so I'm no longer worried about ALS. However, just like you, I feel very close to the group of people on this forum who do and somehow find it more helpful to discuss my situation here than elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
    Yea I had lots of friends and family there too. Whew I would have hated to know what some of those folks paid for tickets to the game.Glad you had fun though, and although I pull for Alabama, I am proud for Auburn. Talk at you later:)
    Hi Kelly- it's Karin with bleeding ears. Yes we can talk. I'm under Karin Bolette, so whenever you want get in touch with me- Happy New Years Karin
    Hey there I had a question in regards to an EMG. I know that you are working closely with a neuro and wanted your input. Can an EMG be done too soon to show any disease if twitches are already present. I had EMG done and Neuro said all was fine but i still have a haunting feeling of "what if" I even asked if it could be done too soon and he said technically yes now i'm really freaking out!
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