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  • LifesWorthLiving- thank you for any information in my area- Still waiting to hear from Mass General- I know they received my medical records from PCP this past friday- was so tied up at work today that by the time I was able to call the neurology office they were closed for the day-I've been in the medical field for 28 yrs. and have never felt so frustrated with my profession- I was told they would call me with an appointment once they review my records- It will be a week Wednesday that I started this Mass General quest. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
    Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing. We connecticut'ers have to stick together! I wish you luck and sending prayers your way!
    I agree, I should have used a pm, but that being said education or not the guy was being extremely rude and obnoxious in his replies. I would love for you or him to pm me with his credentials. I just don't have a lot of faith in someone who does not fill out any information on his profile, other than I'm here to lend a helping hand. I have been diagnosed with ALS, I have done a lot of research since the diagnosis. I come on this site for information not to read someone bullying another poster because he thinks he has all the answers. You'll have to excuse me but I like to do my own vetting, especially when it comes to an internet "expert"
    I saw dr felice, he was very good, and through, but unfortunately I have a thick head and wanted to go back and see him, he would not see me a second time because he said there was no need. I wanted a second opinion so I went to Boston and saw dr merit cudowitz and I loved her! She said I don't have Als but she is working to try to find out what is wrong. She is making a app for a speech therapist and a ent. Do you know what day your app is yet? Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, this forum is great and they are straight shooters.
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