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  • Thank you, Mariam. I am sorry it has taken me so long to write back. It has been a tough few months. We have been spared the challenge of frontal lobe effect- he is still very much himself mentally although not physically. He fell about 3 months ago and has had a cascading of complications since then, mostly involving his breathing, phlegm buildup and the increasing fatigue as his oxygen lessens. I actually foolishly thought we could escape the physical complications for a while, but this disease is relentless. Luckily, his spirits are good- he is at peace with his life- and I guess that a rapid decline is better than a scenario where he lingers helpless a long time. That is a big blessing with bulbar, I think- the situation where one is incapacitated and para
    lyzed for a long time seems to be rare with bulbar. And you? How have the five months since you wrote?
    Hi there! This is Mariam...you and I have similar deals with our dads with Bulbar onset. Hope he is doing ok. My dad is starting to slur more and just slow down. He also has his frontal lobal(sp?) affected in his brain so he is just not himself anymore, very childlike. But so far he is doing ok. Just wanted to check in and say hi and how you and your family were coping. Hang in there. :)
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