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  • No worries.... and there is no rush....and of course, don't feel obligated. I'm hanging in there...the worst part, as I've posted, is noticing little differences from week to week, even how subtle. I hate hate hate this fu&*%%g disease! Good days and bad days both....it really just depends on my attitude - if I concentrate on what I can do (...which is still a lot) then I'm good. If I focused on my losses...well....that gets me down. I think it's especially because I'm someone who has always been active - mountain biking, skiing....all up until a year ago. This is grieving at it's heart, I think. That said, I'm throwing every alternative method I can find at this thing in the hopes of maintaining as much mobility as I can (...and staying alive) until they can come up with someone better than Rilutek. Anyways, I'll msg you when I get back from up north and as I say....no rush, no obligation. Take care LE
    ...oops...posted under wrong username...they had banned my acct. although made a mistake so I made a new acct.....just so there is no confusion
    Yes....I had planned to be off work for 2 months although talked to my boss today and will very likely be not returning to work at the end of August. That said, I had planned for the 2 months to definitely go out west and visit my brother/SIL/niece and nephew so that is next week. Anyways, would be good to connect in 2 weeks. I would especially like to connect with people in the earlier stages of this disease...somehow just not as distressing.
    Tomorrow (Tuesday) will work fine. I'll be out all day Thurs. and off Friday, tomorrow is open so whatever time works for you. There is a Tim Horton's off Hwy 12 - 16815 Highway 12 Midland is the address. It's right by a Wal-Mart and would likely be easy access if coming from Muskoka. Let me know if that works for you and what time. Cheers.
    Hi Barry, I'll come down to Barrie. How about Tuesday or Wednesday? Whatever day works for you. I'll try and add you as a friend now via this forum.
    Hi there....I live near Midland, so not too far from Muskoka. My name is Barry, BTW - Bear is just a nickname. Good 2 weeks - went to London and Paris both as part of a "bucket list" thing. I go to AA meetings, so was able to meet lots of people that way. How long are you in Muskoka for? I'm going out West last this week....if you have any time to get together this week would be more than happy to meet you somewhere. Cheers.
    Hey Bear, it's me. Up in Muskoka and only have internet when I put the stick in my computer on the side porch. So I am sporadic. How was your two weeks away?
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