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    walk teams 2013

    My family and I just did a walk. We had about 70 people on our team and raised $10,500! There weren't a lot of people at the walk overall, I think around 600 but there will continue to be more support year after year.
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    Stages and End of life

    She is 55! I am going to go be with her for about a month. My work is going to allow me to work from home part time and use some FMLA. Then I will probably come back home for a few weeks and continue that for a while! thanks
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    Open the PDF below. These are the results of the first phase of this trial...this looks very positive for ALS patients! We are going to think positive and hope my mom gets into the trial!
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    They said the tiral will begin the second half of 2013. My mom lives an hour from Mayo clinic and I called them yesterday and they put her on the list! I am assuming things are moving forward?
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    Hello, My mom wants to try this trial. It was just approved at Mayo Clinic. Does anyone have experience with this or have any information? It looks like the trials so far have been promising.
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    Is this close to the end?

    Hello everyone, My mom was actually just diagnosed a few weeks ago and she just told me she is getting "flem" stuck in her chest and she is starting to have a hard time coughing it out. Her other symptoms are left leg weakness/really not able to use it at all, trouble swallowing and slurred...
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    Stages and End of life

    I got approved for fmla but its not paid. I do live 12 hours from my family so its not easy to go back and forth. I guess I will have to be patient and not make any plans yet!
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    Stages and End of life

    Thanks! I just need to figure out all of my personal stuff. If I quit my job, my family wont have health insurance. We really cannot afford to do this but I WILL make it work, somehow! I will not miss the last days with her and I will not allow a stranger to take care of her (not that there is...
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    Stages and End of life

    Hi All, I know there arent any known "stages" but I am trying to figure out when I should move back home to be with my mom. She is probably in the beginning, moving into the middle "stage." I would like to hear about the progression of others, how long people lived, how long the last stage...
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    ALS Stages/End of Life

    Hi All, My mom was just diagnosed two weeks ago. She doesn't have great use of her left leg, slurred speech, trouble swallowing. She has fallen a few times. I know there aren't "stages" to this but I would like to hear some stories about progression, how long people have lived with this, and...
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    Do you guys know what states this is being tried in?
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    Cytokinetics ?

    Where is this study being done?