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  • Hey there! Sorry, I've been off the forum this past month! My daughters are actually having a harder time returning for their 2nd year of college...homesick and knowing things are in limbo with Bucky.

    You can reach me either through facebook or my email [email protected]

    I know this is SUCH a hard time!!! Keep finding the moments to be happy. Peace...
    Hi there! I've been peaking at you through facebook! :) Sooo glad you had a great experience with your mom! Those memories are precious! Our summer FLEW by!! I'm getting ready to take one of my daughters back out to college (she goes to Colorado College)
    Looks like you're settling into a new reality...how's your heart?
    i'll be taking part in my first ALS walk on October 3rd. i'm so excited to get everyone to come out and show my mom she has all kinds of support from friends, family, and even strangers :) I hope it turns out great!
    Hi Sonya,
    Just checking in with you to see how things are going? Where's your head & heart? How's your mom?
    Just wanted to check in on you, today, Sonya. How are you doing?? I see you've already had some "visits" by 2 of the wisest, most awesome women on this forum (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kari & Lori!)
    There is a thread here that says "what is your name on facebook" It is in the general discussions section. You can look for me under Kari Sullivan - Puyallup Wa.... Now, a lot of us will not accept friendship requests there unless you say you have something to do with ALS, so make sure that is there somewhere. Facebook is okay and all, but this is more my home. I go to FB for causes and fundraising etc.... personally anyway... Hope you are having a good day hun!!! Hugs, Kari
    Hi, I took no offense at you saying just a server. I just didn't want you putting yourself down. By the way, to post a message to someone, click on there name, and post on there page, Melody will not get the message unless she comes back to your page. I did the same thing when I got here!! After 10 posts, you will be able to private message. HUGS Lori
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