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  • I'm sorry for the diagnosis. It's really crappy. Suggest you watch the " ABC's of ALS" on YouTube. It's a 3 part series presented by Forbes Norris ALS research centre. I wished I had been told this while we waited for the ALS clinic visit. The series is excellent, thoughtfully presented in a sensitive way. If you need anything, just holler!
    Hi there. I am so sorry about the diagnosis. You seem very caring about your fiancé's health. I have a question, if you don't mind. I am in the diagnosis process with some bulbar symptoms. I was wondering where they EMG'd your fiancé in order to dx ALS? My EMG was 'normal', however it was focused on limbs. I go for a swallow study tomorrow. Has your fiancé had one? To see if he is aspirating liquids. You are in my thoughts. I hate that anyone has to deal with this damned disease.
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