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  • No, actually, I can do all of those things with no problem. The weakness is very localized and has not spread anywhere. It bothers me most to walk briskly, but I can run fine if that makes sense.
    The foot and calf are very common sites for benign fasciculations. To be honest, I've noted fasciculations in the arches of the feet of numerous patients who are completely asymptomatic and aren't even aware they exist. Don't let fascics alone freak you out.
    While I might say there is a slight asymmetry, it looks within the realm of normal limits to me. I'm a physical therapist, and if I saw your feet in my office I would not be alarmed at all. My problem is slight weakness during pushing off while walking which affects my balance as well. My shoes do not fit the same and the atrophy is bilateral. Its tough to see if the tendons stick out more while at rest in your case, but it looks normal to me. And it is true, atrophy would NEVER be present without weakness. It just doesn't work that way. What symptoms are you having that are concerning you?
    oh so pleased to hear that hun re running jumping etc - ENJOY. I do suggest you find a reputable neuro physiotherpist -take the time to find a well experienced one. Best to get answers for diagnostic queries form professional people in person hun.. in person i must emphasis as they will notice and pick up on things (if they are there) and report on them in their medical speak. - Mr wright chooses to resond to you hun and it need not be soooo disgracfully rude -it takes two to tango -so do not feel quilty and keep me posted on how you are going :) once you get some thorough medical tests, good luck hun
    For message thx, yes clearly see the dents and shape change, I lost both fat pads , toes went skinny , and first time I've ever been able to put hands around ankle. It's caused tarsal like tunnel symptoms , which I've never had since BFS. Since they can't give me a proper BFS diagnosis I have no idea how so many parts of my body changed with no weight loss. I had weakness/ tingling skin first symptoms prior to twiching for a few days. The weakness was more tired legs and stopped Pilates because could not do any leg presses. The twiching was either deep and very noticeable or little tugs under skin. That's why it's hard to say I've lost muscle since I'm still standing , the gyno has mention fat atrophy (lipo atrophy) the Nuro here suggested a muscle biopsy but Nuro at university did not think I needed it. Clearly I don't have ALS and believed that pretty quickly as I had extensive test that are normal.
    Yes I have weakness too in legs and arms but clean emg so they say no als
    but something has to be wrong and tests show bleokage somewhere in back but clean mri
    so frustrating am mostly in the house now as walking so bad. If you Pm me i will give you my number and we can chat if you like
    difficult to see your dents but mine are very obvious the foot curves in now. do you have constant flickering. my startes in the arch and then the dents appeared twitching in fett and all over now.
    could be blockage in spine
    Hi lb, it's hard to say what my first symptoms were, and if they had anything to do at all with ALS. I sprained my ankle badly (on Halloween night when may daughter was 11 months old... I remember this as I nearly crushed her when I fell!) She is 18 now... I kept respraining the same ankle over the years. The year I started having issues, I just though it was more of the "loose ligaments" that one doc said was the issue. Turns out my constant falls was the foot drop starting. I don't really think that the sprained ankle was the start of early ALS, but rather that the ALS started in my weakest area. I had pain from the ligaments back then, but not the muscle stiffness associated with ALS. I think the ALS cured the pain :) Anyway, not sure that helps at all, but I hope so! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.
    Hi I had dents and loss of fatty pad on sole , now got weakness but fed up of being told nothing serious to worry about though i can hardly walk . i do sympathise happy to chat if it helps but neuros want to see majpr stuff before they respond
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