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  • Hi, Laura- thanks for checking in. I don't get on much either. We are doing fine, just busy as usual.
    Saw where you are busy yourself- good for you. Hope Mary Ann is doing well- say hello for me!
    Hugs, the "other" Marianne
    Mom was in the hospital for one month then in a nursing home for a month. but we could have skipped the nursing home we were waiting for our house to close.
    Hi Laura,
    I wonder if you could tell me how long your mom was in the hospital for her trach? Doctors here are telling me to expect two months.
    Congratulations on your new business! That's why you haven't been around much maybe? As if you aren't busy enough?!? Best of luck with everything.
    Hi, Laura- your thread about your ALS walk got bumped; I hadn't seen it before, so congratulations!
    How is Maryann? And, how are you? Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you! Big hug-
    the other Marianne!
    Hoping the beach was a great tonic! Weve just come back from a weekend at the beach ourselves which was superb. My family (quite a few extended rellies) came and visited over three days while we just stayed put in a beach side cottage with my godmother. It was bliss! The many wandering turns of life eh? I feel like you often also: so many moments that can be laden with regret or longing if I give them room. I heard someone say once that no matter what the path behind you looks like, if today is a good day, then it is a good path. But today has to be a good day for that to be true! Thankfully for me it is true; I pray that you have that confidence also, no matter what you face.

    Hello Laura,
    Ive been reading your comment on "The Most Dangerous Game", and wondering what to say. When you said, 'it always leaves me sad' I felt sad too! Hoping that you are well, and that there is richness in your world,
    Thanks Laura,
    We are doing better now. I have made the odd post I have been around. Can't ignore my forum family or stay away. LOL.

    I did go through a bad period for the last month or so, ever since my near fatal accident with the vent coming off. I have been feeling off. Finally we called our RT and got her to stop by, should have done this earlier. She found my lungs half full of secretions so we set about to dislodge them and clear my lungs. Thankfully it had not turned into pnemonia yet. So we spent yesterday afternoon suctioning up the secretions between me choking and gaging. It is much better today and my "off" feeling is gone.

    How are you guys doing? Think of you often!
    God Bless! Joel
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