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  • Hi! I have tongue fasciculations too. What did your neuro say about them? Do you know if they are supposed to be constant when they are caused by MND?
    There is nothing that should concern you. You do not have ALS. It's just that simple.
    I just read your thread and it appears that you're very concerned because of the fasics on your tongue. MND fasics look no different than benign fasics, so just because you saw a video of someone with MND that had tongue fasics that look like yours, means nothing. Plus, your tongue only twitched one time, months ago. That is not at all how ALS works. If you have no swallowing problems or if you're not slurring your words, then you are fine. You do not have ALS. You seem to be in a panic, however, so maybe you should get your tongue needled to give yourself peace of mind. You really don't need it but I don't think you will satisfied unless you do. Take care
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