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  • You are such a Gem. I hope alls ok. I am feeling much more in control, thank you for your advice, Annies as well. Hugs
    Hii Diane, thanks for the note... if I could afford to stay here I would, so don't be in itoo much of a rush to move either! I would miss the people. My potential buyers backed out today, said they didn't want to deal withi lead paint... ummm... I don't think there is any! I'm kind of glad, it was too little, and we'd have to be out in the middle of June... too fast with kids still in school.

    How's that pwc and dragon treating you?
    Stay well my friend, love you lots
    Hi there Diane,

    I apologize for the delay in responding (I just figured out that I have messages waiting on here). In any case, I will be happy to send pictures and any details you like. I live in the Atlanta, GA area. Regardless of where you live, I am certain that shipment of the system is possible and will gladly look into that for you. Where are you located? Do you have an email where you would like me to send some pictures? Here is some contact information for me: [email protected], 678-467-8302. Hope your day is good. Todd
    Hi Diane, How are you my dear?......That is wonderful...i never knew anyone was even concidering it.
    Happy day after St. Patrick's Day Dianne! We lost last night, my corn dog was burned, Brad spilled his beer but we still had a good time. It's a beautiful sunny day here! How are you doing today Dear One?
    Thank you sweet lady~ I should be getting some insurance soon, so I think I will go in... sort of have a list of things that I need to have checked out.
    Glad to see youre able to post here more often. Miss you when youre away.
    Hoping you are well friend.
    LOL! I did get him away and he's better now. Your evening sounds fun! We're going to a hockey game tonight and most likely have a green beer. Yes we all are anal about oone thing or another. Cooking is your thing and neatness is mine. He's napping at the moment. he cleaned his man cave and started laundry. Lily barfed on the bed spread last night and now it's clean. Yay Brad! He's a good man. We both have good men. Thanks for lifting my spirits my Dianne! xoxoxo
    Hi there! It's nice to see you! I'm glad your Dragon is working out today. I miss you when we don't hear from you for awhile. I totally understand though. I can feel you!

    What you say about those little things don't really matter, I keep saying that to myself while it's bugging the heck out of me. Now if I could just really mean it. I mean, it really trully is small stuff. I'll learn. I do think I'll get someone to clean really good once a month. I can live with that. There's a group that will do it for free for people with ALS. I just might give them a call.

    My sister and Brother in law are coming in April to do my bathroom. It's a Christmas present from my brother in law who is a contractor. So far I don't have too much equipment. I love my baths but this must be done. :)

    You, my friend, are the bright spot in my life. I'm sure you can tell that everyone cheers up when you make a stop in. You are greatly loved Dianne.

    Love you Lady Poo!
    I hope you have a great day today. Sure do miss you my friend. I still love that, I am a part of all that I have met. I am glad I have internet met you and the people on this forum. Thank you for that. I hope you have a wonderful Day. I miss you..........

    I sure do miss you! But I understand. You are in my prayers. Rest easy and quit chasing poor Tim around. I still watch the news just in case you're spotted.

    All my love to you,

    Hello sweet Diane,
    I just wanted to pop in and say hello. You have been heavy on my mind lately. I know things are getting more difficult for you. Please know I am thinking of you.
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Hi Dianne! I know your there from time to time but I still miss you. I hope you are nice and comfy cozy Sweet Lady!
    I love you!
    Hi Dianne, Just wanted to say hi, hope you are keeping that dragon in his den and darting about with confidence and speed on the new ride. Sure hope both are tiring you less. A big wave to you, take care.
    One of the things I miss the most is working in the yard. Especially in the Springtime. Well I got outside today and trimmed, clipped, dug, and raked. What fun I had. Of course Ted did all the work.....but I got to "boss". It was the next best thing. :)
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