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    I did a stupid thing!

    I have to say, walking my dog (lab mix, name Lucky) is one of the great pleasures in my life. I will continue doing it as long as I am able. So Hang in there, you did NOT do a "stupid" thing!
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    Los Angeles Walk/Dream Doctor

    Thanks for posting the pics, Leo. I too participated in the walk- I'm not in any of the pics so y'all will just have to take my word on it:)
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    Suzanna lost her battle with ALS

    My condolences and best wishes to Suzanna's family, and to those here who knew her.
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    Can Someone please help me re: tongue fasciculations

    yourebeing, Yes, what you describe is a faciculation of the tongue. I have tongue fasciculations of the type you describe. Have had them for almost a year. Whether or not this means you have ALS would need to be part of a comprehensive neurological work-up; in my case they are only one...
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    Want to see what AL Looks LIke?

    Al- Just saw the pic. Very kewl! Keep smilin':)
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    Hey everyone....

    Honeymoon! How kewl is that! Now that's what I call LIVING with ALS:) I, too, can pretty much fool people into thinking nothing is wrong- unless they see me trying to get dressed or cut a steak. Public restrooms are becoming problematic. But I can still do pretty much anything I used to...
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    Eric Edney and Even Better Now - Don't Be Fooled By This Scam

    Most PALS, when first diagnosed, will look for whatever hope they can find. If you look back to the start of this thread, you'll see I went through that phase as well. The thing you have to understand about Edney and people who follow his regimen is that they reject Western medicine...
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    Hey everyone....

    Yes, on the bus trip through Denali, a herd of moose walked right by the bus, as did a wolf and two caribou. We saw bears in the distance, which is how I prefer it:) All the locals said the same thing about the rains. The day I was booked to go to Denali from Anchorage, both the railroad and...
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    Hey everyone....

    .....I'm still out here:) Not spending as much time on the ALS Boards as I was when first got the word. But I still remember all the support I got that helped me adjust. I'm doing okay, I guess. Hands, arms continue to weaken. Legs still strong, no problems eating or speaking. Fascics...
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    the tension

    The first few weeks after you get the diagnosed. are really hard. I cried a lot and spent hours on the computer doing obsessive research and copious posting on Boards like this. Gradually I just began "living" again. Now, seven months after my diagnosed., I'm pretty much doing the things I...
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    Happy Birthday Al! :)

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear A-l, happy birthday to you.... .....and many more......:)
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    Hi everyone

    Al, my brother tried those mushrooms back when he was in college, long ago and far away. I heard it was a whole different kind of trip:)
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    Hi everyone

    Good times? Ain't we lucky we got 'em (TV reference):) I just got back from djing a dance convention- exhausting, but in a good way. I find I'm going to have to put my music on laptop, just can't handle all the cd's anymore. Am planning to attend another dance convention, this time for...
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    Medical Student convinced she has MND/ALS = Please help me.

    Tell her to get an EMG performed by a qualified neurologist. If she has ALS it will show denervation. If it comes back "clean", maybe that will convince her she does not have the disease.
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    Hi everyone

    The question of exercise is not as clear-cut as you claim. The traditional belief was that PALS should "conserve" energy. However, more recent studies are to the contrary: