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  • I know you had to be frustrated to say the least about not being able to use your sick days because of having a terminal disease.
    I am in the same boat as you about NOT missing working once I stopped. I am truly enjoying each day to the fullest without the daily work place hassle. I think we all get on auto pilot after working for several years and it becomes a daily part of life we just don't think about.
    I remember someone saying they never heard of anyone laying on their death bed saying "I wish I had worked more".
    My LORD, family and close friends is what it is ALL about for me!
    I am glad to hear you are enjoying extra hubby time and visiting more with your mom as I am sure they feel the same.
    Take care
    Hi Deb,
    Sorry for the delay in writing. I haven't been back on since I posted the last time. I am not taking anything for muscle cramping. I called the ALS clinic and spoke with the nurse and she did not think what I was experiencing was related to ALS. She said she had heard about sluggish stomachs but they didn't cause pain. I'm keeping a symptom diary so I can track how often this happens and what might trigger it. I'll ask about Gabapentin. Dee
    Are you taking anything for muscle cramping? I had periodic cramping in various places, abdomen, side, hand, feet, thighs etc that would be brought on by movement. The Gabapentin that I take really helped to reduce these.
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