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  • Hi my friend how are you I been in the hospital with pneumonia but ok now. I just wanted to till you to come and check this out go to I like it very much.
    WOW, you are something with these digital things...hats off.

    Lets keep the christ in christmas!!!
    Hi Lori...I'm so sorry things are so tough right now. I just wanted to tell you that I have you, and your sweet husband in my prayers. I hope the doctors can help with his breathing issues....soon!

    May the sweet Lord bless you both!
    Hi ... thanks for the friend's request. I enjoy reading your messages on the forum. (And you are just gorgeous! Wonderful hair...)
    Beth :)
    Hello...Nice to meet you! I hope you get some answers soon, and things turn out well. Prayers for your family!

    Take care...lovelily
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