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  • ktmj,
    I saw in one of you posts that you described a pulling twitch in your tongue. Did it by chance look like this?
    After 16 months of bodywide twitching and 3 EMG's I know I have BFS. But my symptoms never seem to let up, they only get worse. I have this constant twitch in my tongue along with real fascics both seen and felt several times a day on my tongue. Just wondering if you can relate. -Matt
    Hi , I should of probably been in er rather than here but I'm in the middle know know camping in a desolit area. I've not too much reasurching on line but I had an episode that I know is not normal. I've had twitching my lips area especially when smiling. I now have wet spots on each crease with salvia and after a real bad twitched afternoon I found y. My mouth has excess saliva and during that time I had it open and saliva would of run over if I didn't swallow. The reason Im on in middle of night is I just woke up in large sweat pool.thiughts
    Thanks, do you mind if I keep in touch....struggled with clinical depression for years but that and chronic pain I go ahold of pretty well thorough big changes. I don't like the atrophy with all the twitching tho....but yes, I"m not going to ruin my camping trip on this one. May twitch all the way there tho! take care, see your into dirt bikes, my sister and family own the honda testing lake in GA.....If you ever get there let me know. I'll hook ya up!
    Thanks for your response. BFS if confirmed. It seemed to be what she was saying. It has taking alot out of me physically. Some cases must be worse than others ? I'd like to know more about it. It has wrecked havoc on my body. Not the way I wanted to lose last 15 lbs. And frustrating to lose muscle that are holding my knees together!
    Thanks for the reply to my recent post. Scary when don't know what is going on with body but know something does not feel right. Appreciate your feedback and best wishes.
    LOVED you message to the teen dude :) ... the variation of "move on and enjoy life" :)
    Yeh.. Im hanging in there.. thanks for asking.. Whatever I have is slow slow slow moving.. and I dont dwell on it anymore.. still work full time and do things I normally do.. symptoms still the same. How bout you?
    I will pm you tomorrow about my appt, I am walking out the door. didnt want you to think I forgot about ya!
    Well, when I posted that you changed your local I was expecting your witty sense of humor on the Redneck, Dixie comment? Where is it? You know, like, you can see a couch on a porch? Something like that?? I will be waiting.....
    are you in those floods? I thought you were in atlanta area? I see you changed your city? What is there to do in Redneck, Dixie? Any good sights to see?

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