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  • I'm still kicking up dinner dust. I started before the Roll Call. I've been out and about spreading awareness, advocacy, activities, 3 kids and 10 grandkids.
    Born in San Diego but moved to Dallas, Tx, when I was three and to Mesquite, Tx at age five. Formative years there.
    Hi krnNdug:

    We live in downtown Phoenix and also go to the Barrow's clinic. My husband was diagnosed in June. He could walk with a limp at the time, and had weakness in left shoulder/arm. Apparently he has an aggressive form of the disease. He's completely dependent on a wheelchair and his arms are also almost completely gone. I'm sorry that you're in this club for sure. This is a hard journey for everyone.
    Hi again. FYI- I just learned these responses have limit of 1000 characters, so had to edit a lot. Kept the important info. Guess I was too chatty!
    Hi! There was a bidet thread when I joined. I then saw the links at the very bottom of each page where it says "More threads on this subject". I clicked each thread I was led to.Also used the "Search" tool. Toto Jasmine and Washlet seem popular. And Brondell Swash. I Googled each of those to get more specifics from manufacturers. Found wide price range. PALS & CALS give specifics based on personal experiences-how various models work for ALS.
    Same idea with general remodeling. I also got info from my OT at my ALS Clinic. My remodeler was familiar with accessibility features- I ended up with an awesome bathroom 2 wks ago. Roll-in shower, grab bars & towel bars I can reach (for now), pedestal sink with lever handle & room underneath for a shower chair, non-slip floors & raised toilet with a Coco 9500 bidet seat (on sale at the time).
    Hope this helps & isn't too much info! Keep us posted!
    Hello! I answered you in the thread, so everyone can see. I'm sorry for not giving the link initially. I was being lazy. Welcome to the forum!
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