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    I agree about FB. Im in several ALS groups there and they are quite active. It's also easier from a phone. I prefer this forum for solid information though. There's a very knowledgeable core group here.
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    Hyperbaric chamber

    This is usually a scam treatment. It was also offered as a cure-all in the autism community (it does not cure autism). It's not without risk either. One autistic child died in a HBOT chamber.
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    blow my nose?

    Question, will I still be able to blow my nose at the end or will that go with breathing muscles? I notice my cough getting weaker because I have a hard time getting things out when I aspirate, but I can't tell if it's gotten harder to blow nose. You know how when things are gradual you don't...
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    you know what bugs me?

    I really like Karen's description that it's more of an endurance struggle than a fight. I had clinic yesterday and they were commenting how my FVC had come slightly up and on the way home I was reflecting how I really give it my all in the tests at clinic these days. In the beginning it wasn't...
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    Too disabled for ADA?

    Great post. Like some others stated, I find it frustrating that ADA doesn't require a designated unisex handicap bathroom. So often there is just an accessible stall in the ladies room and I need my husband's help I get stuck having to just hold it until we are somewhere with a unisex room or...
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    Hurricane Thread

    glad you guys are safe!
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    you know what bugs me?

    yes about constant paperwork! it doesn't help that everyone in the medical world seems stuck in the dark ages with fax machines. It took 3 weeks for my enteral feeding supplier (Coram) to process a prescription for gravity feeding supplies. It went like this: Me to clinic: They need you to fax...
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    Severe declining of ALSFRS-R and FVC

    im not 100% sure what you're asking here? but fvc is the breathing component in ALS. So it will affect your FRS scale in those 3 breathing questions Laurie mentioned. But I've heard of PALS whose breathing was affected last, so they had been in a wheelchair for years before needing breathing...
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    you know what bugs me?

    This is a great thread, I can relate to so many of these!! But the thread itself brought something up that bugs me. Lots of comments refer to 'stupidity'. The reality is all these people saying/doing something ignorant or just not pausing to think it through are people of average (and probably...
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    NewEngland members

    10/19 works for me too, maybe we can choose kid friendly area, i will probably have my family with me.
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    Kay is flying free

    I'm sorry. There are no sufficient words. She was such an amazing person who touched so many people.
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    Final battle against ALS

    Is someone telling you cannabis can cure als, or can/has cured cancer, parkinsons, and alzheimers? Anytime anyone suggests a product can cure a whole bunch of totally different diseases you can immediately conclude it's quackery or a scam. Cannabis may help with pain and symptoms like cramps...
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    eye gaze and eye strain

    No, I actually had lasik done when I was first diagnosed to make life easier-- I had extremely bad eye sight. It's been a huge blessing, only downside is dry eyes which being on eye gaze doesn't help, but I use drops regularly.
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    eye gaze and eye strain

    I use dwell but it's my preference. Ive tried what feels like a hundred switches and I just didn't like that method. I know it makes me a weirdo but dwell is easier for me.
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    eye gaze and eye strain

    Thanks Tillie that actually sounds like a much smarter idea. (i dont know why it didnt occur to me!)