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  • emory but this was 6 months ago it wouldnt hurt to call them -

    Group D (up to 3 patients)
    Eligibility Criteria:

    1) Confirmed diagnosis of ALS by a neurologist

    2) Vital capacity greater than 60% of predicted value seated; greater than 50% measured flat on your back

    3) Difficulty walking due to ALS

    4) Lack of complicating medical conditions

    5) Live in geographic proximity to Emory University Hospital

    6) Ability to communicate vocally or with low-tech tools (writing or letter board)

    The consent form for Group D can be downloaded here: Stem Cell Consent Form

    I have read the consent form and I meet the criteria for Group D. I would like to be considered as a participant. Please click here: Eligibility Form
    hi , thier are conflicking on the reports on where it will be california or mass general , when it is for sure i will let you know
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