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    Opinions ? Bulbar

    This does not sound like ALS at all, rather a combination of GERD and anxiety, the latter enhancing the symptoms of the first.
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    People with positive rheumatoid factor and muscle weakness

    Rheumathoid Athritis and Sjogrens can give neurological manifestations, and have positive RF. Lupus, MS, Neuropathies, Hyper- and hypothyroid, autoimmune diseases, can all have elevated or positive RF. There are also a lot of other issues; bacterial infections, certain viruses, even...
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    Please Help Me!

    As previous posters have said, see a neurologist specialised in MND and neuromuscular disorders. You should also see to that you get copies of your husbands EMG reports. That way when referred you could get some indications from the specialist, even though he/she will most likely repeat the...
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    Update after appointment with Dr. Appel

    I have already answered you in your previous thread, but I am going to reply once more. I do understand Luke, that you want to get diagnosed and know what your medical issues stem from. But this is a forum for motor neuron disorders (ALS, PLS, PMA etc), not a forum for other neurological...
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    do i have als?! please help!

    ALS does not start generally start with body-wide twitching, it starts localized and progresses. At your age chances are at an absolute minimum to get ALS. Check your fluid intake, and calm down. Anxiety heightens existing symptoms and can also cause both twitching and fatigue. This does not...
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    I think i got ALS.HELP PLEASE!

    Have you had issues with your inner ear and/or vestibular nerve ruled out? Both these issues are treatable and has nothing to do with MND. If you are cleared by a neurologist, there is a strong possibility that what you feel as 10-20% slower on one side is perceived. Is the weakness of one...
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    Terrified, so terrified

    You need to understand what anxiety can do to your body. Feeling weak, shaky, dizzy, having twitches, feeeling like you are on a physical decline, is all part of anxiety, and it will only get worse if you spend your time on forums like this one. You are flushing your body with cortisol with...
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    NCS/EMG done, MRI next...

    At this point you should visit a MND-specialized neurologist, it is important to remember that MND is a speciality within the speciality, i.e many neurologists are not familiar with MND to the point where they can identify mimics of it. An abnormal NCS usually points away from ALS. The lack of...
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    What's Going on With Me?

    I would suggest; Full bloodwork for vitamin deficiencies, thyroid and magnesium/kalium. Thyroid issues comes to mind, due to the sudden weight gain. If it comes out without answers, refererral to an endocrinologist and also a metabolic/autoimmune in-depth panel. You also need to consider...
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    Does my husband have ALS?

    Has he been checked for CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and/or endocrine diseases? EKG? Doppler? The later to check for circulatory problems. (Related to the fainting) Bloodwork for vitamin defieciencys? Head and neck MRI? This to me does not sound like ALS at all, but clearly, there is...
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    ALS does not present bodywide, and twitches are not an initial symptom or even symptomatic of ALS without clinical weakness, which you clearly do not have. Cut down on caffeine, stay hydrated and foremost, take charge of your health anxiety. Twitches is a very common anxiety symptom. If you...
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    I am not sure you can send private messages yet, due to what Tille said below. But feel free...

    I am not sure you can send private messages yet, due to what Tille said below. But feel free to post something on my visitor wall!
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    Good Evening everyone!

    Thank you very much Laurie!
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    Good Evening everyone!

    According to CDC mortality data the chance of dying from ALS in the 25 - 34 age bracket is 1 in 1,487,617.
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    Going Insane!

    If B12 was 100, that is severe deficiency and it could definately be the cause of her symptoms. But again, I am no doctor. I am presuming you will have a follow up within weeks. Improvement after injections is a good sign, and you need to give it some time. I am presuming your GP is following...