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  • Hi, Kmommy. You've just written a Visitor Message to yourself on your Profile page where few will see it, if any. May I suggest leaving a message in the area titled "Do I Have ALS"? You can get there by clicking on the ALS/MND Support Group link just below the big red button on this page.
    I'm here wanting to ask a question about some sensations in my left arm. My upper left arm began hurting about 4 months ago, just an ache, throb type pain. I recently have started having visible muscle twitching in the upper left arm as well, with some small twitches in the back of my left shoulder. I have to work harder to have good motor skills in my left hand. My arm feels weak, but I don't think I've technically lost any strength.
    Does any of this sound like it could be early als?
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