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  • Hello Sir

    After reading your message about the stem cells in China and trying to slow your progression, I wonder........how do you know what your progression really is?? That's the part that I can't figure out. I see in your profile that we were diagnosed about the same time. I'm curious about your progression and where you're at now. If you have any interest to discuss let me know
    I have a few other questions. I would greatly appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance. kaumy2
    Okay...looks like it is between the 2 of us. My wife is the one with the als diagnosis. I've communicated with the Tiantan Puhua Hospital in Beijing and sent them info today. I have been in contact with the spouse of one patient from Australia (who was a patient there) and she said that there was some improvement after 2 treatments (her husband passed away after the second and she attributed it to family stress)....She said she would definitely do it again. I haven't communicated with anyone else who has been a patient, but would need to before I committed to this...so my first question is....Have you communicated with anyone who has gone there for treatment and can relate first hand knowledge of any change (positive or negative)? By any chance have you visited the hospital? How did you communicate with the hospital? How did you make arrangements? How long will the treatments take and do you know the dosage? Lastly, how did you negotiate the costs of the treatments?

    I would like to have further communication with you regarding stemcell treatment in China. I have been researching it and have communicated with at least one person in Australia (spouse whose husband had 2 treatments, but has since passed away) who definitely said that they would do it again. I'm not very familiar with the ALSforms format...does this message only go to you?
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