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    I am so sorry I did not see this post. I am probably too late too help but here goes. With solid diagnosed of ALS the rules are different. The 5 month wait period is waved. Check the SS website. In my Short term Disability I was paid 66% of my pay without taxes taken out until SS kicked in which was for me almost 2 years. I also had full retirement so the STD paid the difference between my pension and the 66% amount until SS kicked in. At that point I made more than 66% of my pay so the STD/FTD paid the minimum of 100 dollars until the age of 65. This will give me almost 8 years of STD/FTD. The union laid it out for me when I told them my diagnosed of ALS. But even when the diagnosed was changed to MMN I was disabled. If your friend has a union or can talk to a lawyer without a bunch of money (there are free clinics for lawyers so you can ask questions. Again I am so sorry to have missed this. I will watch for return posts from you. Take Care, Peg
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