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  • Hi there,

    I'm brand new to this forum and joining pretty late in the game. My dad was diagnosed with ALS a year ago and his decline has been steeper and faster than the doctors in San Francisco can believe. He's refusing a feeding tube so he's starving to death. He is completely paralyzed, and losing the ability to move his eyes. He can't swallow. I am fortunate that I live one mile away from my parents, so I visit daily and read to him for two hours in the afternoon.

    I'm not looking for tips here - it's too late for my dad. But I will look for a different perspective from other caregivers or perhaps find comfort in hearing from others going through something similar. The level of suffering my dad is experiencing feels overwhelming. I show none of it to him, I'm just trying to fill his days a bit more with the stories that we're reading. This is all unbelievably painful. I hope I can also offer some support to others out there too. So...hi, everyone.
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