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  • Hi Kkay,
    How are things going? I noticed that your husband has had ALS for quite awhile. My dad has had it since May of 2012. That is when he got his dx anyway. Dad is 79. He is partcipating in a clinical trial of the drug Acthar. Not sure if it is doing any good or not. No side affects but no significant changes either. Take care, Kim
    Hi KKay, just wanted to reach out to you--I hate to say I am drawn to others who have been doing this a long time like me. my husband was diagnosed 1/2007--some one who has been facing this a long times knows it is a very different for us rather than those that go quickly. If you want, PM me. we can compare notes. :)
    Just dropped by to say Hi ! How are things going for you? My dad is currently seems to be at a standstill with his progression. It was pretty rapid for awhile. It's really hard to gauge with this disease. Dad really enjoys watching movies on Netflix. It keeps him entertained. We are anxious for warmer weather to get here and stay for awhile so we can get him out more. We had beautiful weather earlier in the week and dad was able to go to my youngest son's baseball game. He really enjoyed that. Take care, Kim
    Haven't been here since June, and just now saw you message. Do you still want the info? I'll pm you if you do. How are things going? Marianne
    Hi ! How is your husband doing now? I saw where he had it for several years now from your profile. Did his start with limb or bulbar onset. My dad's started in his limbs. Dad I would say is so-so right now. Could be alot better but also could be aot worse. Dad walks a little with a walker and his strong care-giver holding on to his gait belt. Dad eats still on his own but it takes awhile since his arms have gotten alot weaker and his fingers are curved so he has limited use of them. Take care ! You and your husband are on my prayer list. Kim
    Here I am again, wanting to know how you are? Know that I'm thinking of you- Marianne
    Hi, it's me again! Dropped in the forum today so I thought I'd stop by & say hi. Hope you're hanging in there.
    Just dropping in to say hi & hope things have leveled out and going smoother for you & your husband.
    We're doing better, thanks,
    dear kkay _ my heart broke to hear your words. I so understand the pain. I am sure you are doing everything you can and, it is a terrible road. You are so fortunate that you had time with your husband, my road was so quick. I too would just try to make it to my car to scream and cry. It really helped. I just didn't want him or my son to see me cry. I tried so hard to not show my heart that it was painful. Now that Doug has left me in february 2011, I have sobbed. Honestly, as sad as that sounds, I finally realized so much pain. I have found my strength again so I felt I would go on this site again and send my love and heart to anyone that needed it. IF i can help in any way, please just ask. take care
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