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  • Our story.
    April 2015 we were in FL when my dad, a DO, watched him walking and questioned what was going on with him.
    My typical wife response was that for at least a year he didn't stretch, exercise blah blah blah. But dad said no-get him to his primary.
    That led us down the yellow brick road of its your back, nope, then it's neurological, it's ms, nope, it's pls, nope, five months later, without a doubt it's ALS.
    Limb onset-legs then arms. He can't walk, only stands and transfers with assistance-can no longer use arms/hands for anything-total care.
    Neck is getting wobbly. No choking yet, thank god, but lots of saliva and a crazy stuffed up nose all the time.
    Has severe anxiety, cries over commercials, isn't angry but wants this ride to end.
    He is only 10 months post Dx but probably two yrs in with unrecognized symptoms-as our neuro said: he's been powering through life for a long time now, it's the marine in him.
    That's our/his story. Will update as things change.
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