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  • Yes, renovation will begin! Yay! I went to the Neuro today to get the sign off for the chair and that's a go too. I should get it next week! Things are poppin here in the Land of Love!
    It's nice to see you too Sweets! Our company left today so we have a few days where we're companyless. Then July 4th we'll have a housefull again. I love visitors! How are you my Sweet Kiwi?
    I went to sleep 530 my time. I was back up by 746. Sleepy but can't sleep. There's some big bright thing in the sky that has fascinated me. Beginning to see the lighter, brighter side of life. That and no meds. Glad to see you up.
    ted h....hes don a better job of getting all to stop feeding IT.....i hope it works.....hope totos well...aint been on boards much recently...take care johnny
    I'm tired of waiting. I'm going to call doc tors office tomorrow and beg him to find a place for me to go to. I can't live like this and its not gotten any better. I started working on my pm's, but just 1 took me over an hour. I kept losing the [email protected] post or I would accidentaly hit paste and it woul double or triple it. Then I had to use the stylus between my teeth to delete it. I will pm you tomorrow.
    Just thought I'd take a moment to let you know, I'm "liking" you!

    Have a great day!

    kiwi, i thought i'd stop by and send a hug. i see how you are hurting and i feel for you. I already miss his and al's post and i only admired from afar. If there is anything i can do let me know. mp
    Hey Kiwi! I've slept through the last two nights but it's still an adjustment. A large part of the adjustment is accepting some new limitations my body is placing on me. Right hip seems to be joining the leg, making turnIng in bed challenging. Right arm and hand are continuing to decline as well. The air circulating mattress that I tried the first week was too soft for me to get up on my own but will be lovely a bit down the road. The gel mattress is better for now but still a bit soft. Another challenge is the urge incontinence that some nights has me up every 2 or 3 hours. Simply exhausting!
    I'm also very saddened by our recent losses on the forums.
    Thanks for checking in. I do appreciate it.
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