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  • Thank you beautiful lady. You are so sweet. I try so hard. How are you doing these days. I'm glad you tell it like it is in these forums. You're a great member! Sending love your way. Yasmin.
    Thanks! I'm dying... Rog wants to see Maddie tomorrow... Don't know if I can... Saw the Dr and he gave me meds... We'll see

    ahhhhhhh lololololol kooooweeee sally -yes your right i only checked the number of posts after your post -how fab is that... 2 more to go i think.... i have no idea about private message but maybe that will appear once i post 15 ... c u soon :)
    Ahhh bless, lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the tip re posts - nice to know it is possibly to private message etc - I need to add an avatar picture too :) Look forward to chatting more :)
    Hi Sally im a kiwi too!! :) I have just joined the forum so am still getting to know how it all works here! Look forward to reading your posts etc :)
    I truly am. I'll feel better with the grab bars installed but it's so much safer already! Thanks My little Kiwi!!
    No I have not. Her phone is not being answered. I See her daughters posts on FB, So I know nothing real bad has hapoened. She may have went to a nursing home, as that is what she wanted.
    You are right...got some great stories out of it, saw some family and some ruins and some decadent palaces...
    It' scary for sure! We're right in between two of them. It's horrible for all those that were evacuated not to mention all the wildlife that is suffering. Breaks my heart.
    Did you leave your light on again. I haven't heard from Di and she hasn't been on in 2 days. I don't remember her saying going anywhere (not too many places on a 27 mile wide island)? Do you recall?
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