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  • Hi, You will need to address toileting issues somehow. If a condom cath works for you go for it. Just remember things need to flow downhill otherwise you have a mess. In your reservation....there should be an area to request assistance. If you dont see it call the airline. They will help simetimes in getting into and out of the seat but not with toileting.

    If you can afford to upgrade to the beds I would. It may give your husband more comfort and you may be able to catch a nap. I would recommend having a change of clothes on hand also.
    Hi there – I see that your new member and it's interesting because it shows that I'm a new member but I've been on this site for over two years and was diagnosed four years ago. So not sure if you're really new here or not. Feel free to ask me things if you'd like – I have learned a lot in four years. Tim
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