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  • Hi Kiss....thanks for dropping by....I am doing ok, my sister was just here and it was such a joy to hang out with her for a week...but parting is sad as she left this morning. How am I doing? My legs cant handle just a cane anymore so I use a walker now. My voice is still somewhat understandable tho very slurred. My swallowing is more difficult, so I have gone to eating softer things, tho I managed to get down a big burger the other day. I wish I was on Dex and not the placebo, cuz if I could slow things down now, it would be good. But biogen drug company refuses to release Dex to compassionate use, tho its been around for 15 years! Makes me mad....grrrrr It must be tough for you to watch your loved one progress...I think it is worse than having it yourself....my sister cried a bunch when she saw how much I had progressed in a year. But I live in the moment, and usually the moment is pretty nice.
    Love you!
    Sounds like things are progressing with your husband. I'm sorry. I think of you often. Yasmin
    Thanks for your kind comments! More than anything, I am so glad to have been able to be of some help. It's such a difficult situation and I feel for you. I'm here if you need any more info. or to just talk to or vent. Your husband too. If he has questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Love to you. Yasmin
    Im doing pretty good Kiss, I am so glad your hubby got his powerchair...what kind did he get? Did you get all the things you wanted with it? Hope so! love you
    Part three

    Another idiotic state law is I wasn't allowed a partial bed rail to help pull myself erect. Apparently someone had been strangled in a bed rail so no more bed rails. They did allow a bed assist rail as long as it was covered. So my neighbor improvised a laundry bag over the bed rail with Velcro. Works great!

    So how was John doing? And yourself? Hope you had a big family Thanksgiving. My best to you and John.

    I hope to hang out here more once I get my new fancy dancy standing recliner with heat and massage. I figured I'd go all out spending the money my coworkers and company gifted me with when I had to leave work. With the wooden chair I have in the room now it makes my back sore too spend much time on my laptop.
    Hi Jeanne

    Hope you and John had a nice Thanksgiving. Sorry I haven't been in touch but I was busy moving into an assisted living facility.

    I moved in late Monday and missed their Thanksgiving dinner which they had on Monday. So no turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, etc. for me this year. And that is one of my favorite meals. Had to settle for an open face turkey sandwich with gravy and fries and cranberry juice today for dinner. Oh don't forget broccoli soup LOL.

    Sucks a bit here since most of the residents are so much older than me and many have Alzheimer's or dementia. I do know the owner since I taught karate when he was a kid so I'm getting some special favors and a good rate for the room.
    Kiss just wanted to let you know I am thinking and praying for your husband today....he is brave, and is paying double for his service to our country. Let him know that I thank him for this! I posted a Utube video on "honor our vets" thread. Show John this!
    I'm ok other than falling down the stairs today. Probably be sore tomorrow. Took 2 neighbors to get me on my feet. Have to sleep on first floor till I go to personal care home in a couple of weeks.

    Does John go to or have someone come for Physical Therapy? Just asking cause they want me to go to PT & I hate idea of dragging myself out to do. Was supposed to go tomorrow but going to cancel after today's fall.

    How are you & John doing?

    I've been ignoring the forum. Bit of a funk and trying state of denial again:) Still can't believe I got this damn disease.
    Thanks for the update! I recieved your "God Bless you" with an open wide heart, and I do feel Blessed! May God bless you and yours!
    Hi Kiss, dropping by to say howdy and check in with you. How are you and hubby doing? Thinking and praying for you. XXXOOO
    Thanks Kiss, that's exactly what I was hoping for. I've been very blessed to be able to spend so much time making memories with family. But when I was first diagnosed 3 years ago I thought my life was over. Boy, was I ever wrong. Hope your husband gets out of his funk and starts living! God bless. -Tom
    I would like to read that book...Ive heard about it but never read it. Congrats with engagements and weddings! This will be good for your husband to be a part of! How lucky he is to have you....praying for you that you have stamina and courage to help him. It must be really touch for men to let go of control and have others help them....
    Hello Kiss! I took that name because as a kid I loved the big sequoias and we spent camping time there every summer. But it is interesting about Morrie, huh? I am doing pretty good. Except that last night I could not sleep a wink....so I am very tired today. If it happens more often I may have to try some natural herbs to make me sleepy. How are you doing?
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