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  • Thank you for your post but my dad is still alive and kicking. I wrote about my mother's passing in "97 so that might be where the confusion came in. Hope things are going ok for you.
    Hi ! How are things going for you? My dad seems to be having a little slower progression at the moment but as we know that could change any minute. He just got his first power wheelchair through the VA and is trying to get used to it. He's been trying it the yard first so he doesn't run into furniture. I told him to just stay far enough from his pool.lol Take care, Kim
    Hi KissJ, I see by your hometown that you are located near me. I was wondering, did your husband go to Shadyside or somewhere in downtown Pittsburgh to the ALS center? My husband was diagnosed there and they mentioned they have a support group but unfortunately, he wants no parts of it. Especially since I have to take a day off work to drive all the way down there. Just thought I'd ask!
    Hey KissJ--don't feel bad about fighting with your husband--It is just part of marriage! If you had never fought with your husband since he had been sick you would be the only cals here able to say that! It is ok to get tired and overdone... you are doing a terrific job but you are only human! hugs B
    Sorry to hear that you had a bad day and a little meltdown. I think with horrible disease we are all going to have them. It looks like I will be getting a divorce which I'm totally devastated about. But, my husband and I unfortunately had some very nasty fights in our almost twenty years of marriage. We still love each other but can't get along together. But, my dad always tells me there is nothing to be ashamed about crying. He says just let it all out no matter what the problem is. Then pull yourself up and go out one day at a time. Worry just about today. Don't worry about yesterday or the future. Live for today is what dad always says and make it as special as possible. Is there anyone that can sit with him in the evening so you can get a little break for yourself. You need to take care of yourself too. Sending you a hug, Kim
    Hi ! How are things going for you? My dad who is 78 is doing so-so. He is still eating on his own but is confined to a wheelchair. He can take a few steps with a walker and someone holding firmly to his gait belt. His breathing seems to be pretty good. He is pretty weak in the arms and has trouble holding anything because his fingers are curved. He is good spirits and loves to watch movies on Netflix. When I was growing up my mom and dad owned movie theatres in our town and even at one time a drive-in. Hope your husband is doing okay. Take care, Kim `
    Thank you Kim! I was news that made us feel shocked and emotionally upset. How are you doing?
    Sending you a hug. I was so saddened as well to hear about the dex trial being stopped. Dad said something about some promising medicine that was supposed to be coming out this month but he hadn't heard anymore about it. If I find out anymore info I'll pass it on. You are in my prayers. Try to stay positive even though it is so hard on us all. I do care! Kim
    My Christmas wish for you and your family is to live in Peace Harmony Laughter and Love and know how Beautiful You shine so bright with your Love and Light! I just want you know how much you mean to me ... we have never met in person, but you are known to me and stay in my heart. I feel we have been friends forever ....
    I loved the wedding pictures that you posted. That is exciting that you are going to be grandparents too. My dad is currently back staying at his home for now. I was so glad to see him when he came home last week. I hadn't seen him since Labor day and was used to seeing him everyday. How are things going for you? Take care, Kim
    Love the pictures! Congrats on being a grandma! Had a wonderful thanksgiving! The dallas carmel,where my friend is, sent me a cowgirl teddy bear which sings: "to know, know you is to love, love you, when i see your smile it makes my life worth while..." i spent the whole day showing off my teddy bear and the sisters face lit up where ever i went.

    Love you lots!
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