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  • Hi Debbie, This does seem like a good forum. Thanks for the offer. We have a caregiver that helps me while my wife is working and when one of my siblings is not visiting. Plus we have a good support group of friends. It would be nice to meet you. I live by Madison Middle school..
    I did thank you, the county number has been disconnected but they had a forwarding. We have an interview with More than Family tomorrow afternoon. They asked how we heard of them...should i say the church or do you know them? I did not want to say without an ok. We are moving along...still need a mode of transportation, good home care service (preferrably covered by insurance but that is not working), and some sleep, but other than that things are going okay.

    Thank you again for the info it has been very helpful. Dave
    That is so wonderful that you are giving your dad's eulogy. I will definitely be thinking of you on Thursday and praying you get through it but I know in my heart that you will. I plan on doing the same thing for my dad when the time comes. He is in his final days now but it's his birthday today and I know he wanted to make it to 70 so I am really happy for him that he did! (I am barely keeping it together myself though. I just can't stop crying these days.)

    I hope your dad's memorial service is everything you want it to be. Just speak from your heart and you will do great!
    Big big hugs from another daughter,
    Hey Debbie,
    I'm so sorry your mom is using you as her beating post. Hang in there! I know you'll be able to speak from your heart and celebrate your dad and the power he had in your life and those he touched.
    Bucky is doing ok-started a new medication that the doctor's hoping will increase his muscle endurance/strength..still experimenting to see if his body responds...cuz then it's not ALS...we're also trying to get a referral for a specialist within the VA now who specializes in "difficult to diagnose conditions in soldiers who have served in the Middle East"...who knows what may come up!!

    Prayers to you for your dad's service.
    I am so sorry about your dad honey. The next couple days are going to be the hardest I think and like a whirlwind of mixted emotions. Just know that he is still around and finally able to move around on his own. For the first time in a long time. So if anything he's worried about you and the family. Take care and I am here to listen if you need me.
    Thanks. We are currently using an agency and it is expensive. We are looking for, probably the most difficult time, 10 pm to 10 am. Jennifer's sister and mom are at the house during the day and i am usually home by 5 or so. The issue is sleep for us. Jen and i have three year old twins and we also have a niece and nephew (8 & 10) in the home. it is hectic but we are managing. I am not sure it has to be an R.N. (though we would welcome it) since there are 5 of us trained in the vent care.

    Thanks in advance for assistance. Hope all is well for you and your family.
    Hello Debbie - Jen and i and the kids are settled in Darien with her sister and family. Being an RN i was wondering if you knew of and CNA or Nursing types that would be interested in home care? We are using an agency currently but are spending money faster than it is coming in.

    Thanks in advance for any local info or thoughts.
    Hey Debbie-
    I'm so glad for your mom AND YOU that your aunt was able to get there and help your mom set up support for your dad! I know it makes the stress of being far away just a little easier. Going and spending some quality time with dad and mom next week will do you good!

    I'm doing ok. Bucky's kind of pulling away right now, hiding in his "cave" on the computer all the time. I think he tries to protect me from his fear and worries. He's having more cramps and feeling less agile when he walks. We have another follow-up next week...

    Put my ph# in your phone so you can call if you need an ear!!
    Peace, my friend,
    Hey Debbie,
    How are things going? You've been in my prayers. Remember to call if you want
    Peace and Prayers to you, my friend
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