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  • how are you doing I hope well, me and my wife went to a local support group it did seem to help both of us to have some people in the same boat to talk to. should you need some one just to vent at or laugh at terrible spelling give me a yell.
    I was diagnosed in April 2010. I tried to get to LittleRock for diag, but had to wait too long and would not see new patients for six months. Got into the Mayo at Scottsdale Arizona, finally got the answer we did not want.
    I think there is a group in Fayettville that helps people with ALS that might need things done around the home. Or just for someone to talk to. I will try to get some info if you would like to check them out. If you can find a support group I would suggest going, it helps to be with people who understand and can help answer ?s that come up. We have a tremendous group in Tulsa. Hang in there!
    It is so good to hear from you. I have been to Bartlesville once about 20 years ago. lol I live in Cedarville AR and I go to University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. I got my diagnosis there on 09/05/12. I asked to go to oklahoma clinic instead of little rock,my doctor said no. It took a long time to get in but now that i am they seem great. When did you get diagnosed? are your kids grown too?
    Hi I am from Bartlesville Ok. Where did you get your diagnosis? Did they refer you to an ALS clinic? I go to Oklahoma City, and it has wonderfully helpful people. Hang in there!
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