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  • We'll he fell and broke nose,wrist,hand and dislocated his jaw and received several stitches in his forehead. I wish he would us the wheelchair!
    First ot appt. tomorrow morning... My brother limbs are so stiff and having pain .. I've been rubbing him down with biofreeze..seems to bring relief ,,
    Thanks Dalvin, I wish you would have been there. When are we going to se you? It's been awhile. Next Wednesday morning Steve will be getting the diaphragm pace.. And a peg tube.. He says he is rethinking the tube.. Funny he is more concerned about that then the other
    Well went to MCV today, early morning, with my brother: he's an ALS HERO. Next Wednesday he will have the diaphragmatic pace machine leads installed and his feeding tube. Proctor from the trails will be overseeing the operation. Funny he's not concerned about his right lung that isn't fully inflating , just the feeding tube,,as he thinks we will then insist he use it at some point and he refuses to consider it at all. Most of his and our journey has been frustratingly full of this kind of stubborn pride. I hope for easier days with him as I only want to help him help himself
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