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    I work for Triangle Insights Group, a strategy consulting firm focused on the pharmaceutical and life science industry. We are currently working with a company that is developing a product to treat ALS patients. We are looking for ALS patients and/or their caregivers who might be interested in speaking with us about the medications they are currently taking and willing to share their perspectives on this potential new product. We are specifically interested in patients (and/or their caregivers) who have had some experience on Rilutek (riluzole) in the past.

    The interview will take 60 min and the entire study will remain blinded. We will provide a $100 honorarium in the form of a check, gift card, or charitable donation. The honorarium payment will be contingent on qualification for the study as determined by our brief screening questionnaire.

    Please email: [email protected] if interested.

    Thank you so much for your time.
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