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  • Hi Kevin,
    So happy that your daughter likes College, such a amazing time of life. Your son made me chuckle, must be all boy....So great about the benefit, I think that is a great thing, your friends and family must really care about you. You are so very deserving. I agree with this darn heat, I spend a lot of time inside. I had a great day Yesterday, loved the weather for a change. I turned 43, glad to mark another one on the Keep in touch.Looking at the Website now, thanks for sharing..
    I have been doing good, I know the feeling of the heat. This heat just takes everything out of me. So anyway, I'm done complaining. My daughter loves MU she did great last year, and already started hitting Sam's Club to stock up for this year. She had a busy summer, she went to Flordia twice on vacation and next week we go up to Gloucester, Mass for a week. My son's doing good, he's been hitting all the farm shows in the area. He should be going into 10th. next year if he passes his "On-Line Algebra" course. My wife is doing good (she hates the heat too), our family held a golf benefit for us back in May that we didn't know about until they were ready to hang the posters. It went great, of course the ALS/PLS is a fine line so I felt guilty about that. They still have the website up with some info about myself and family with some photos, although I see it hasn't been changed since the benefit has been over,the website is it was a lot of fun and a great success.
    Hey Kevin,
    How are you doing? Have not talked to you in a long time. How does your daughter like MU? Only about 40 minutes from my house. I have O energy in this darn heat.. Hate the cold also so cannot win anyway. I am so stiff, the clozipam helps with spasms and jerking somewhat, (so they say).. I am always trying to experiment with medicine trying to feel better So you may try Botox in the legs. I would be anxious to see if you get benefit, who knows.. My son is going to be in 10th grade this year.. How is your son and wife? Write back when you have a chance..
    I am doing good, I was in the Florida heat for a week (I don't know what is worse the cold or that humid heat). Anyway, I was not "stiff" down there so I know how Geo feels, but that heat took all my energy. Anyway, I am ready for deer season, my father bought me another "Big Buddy Heater" for my blind and the state also gave me a disabled permit to stay in the car, so at least I will be able to be out there someway. They are working on the camp this weekend???? Don't they know they have to watch the Yankee's win the World Series??? My families is doing good, I don't know how my wife is doing it with work and everything else she is amazing, my daughter is now in Millersiville U. for Biology, and my son......well we are just trying to get him thru high school (lol). Other than that it has been my walking that is the biggest problem.

    So, I've been have you been?
    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks so much, that was so nice of you. My son and hubby are headed up to the Pocono's this weekend for work detail for hunting camp. How have you been my friend? how are you doing? how is your family?
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