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    Any connection between leg vein surgery and ALS?

    My father in law passed away from ALS last Friday. He was diagnosed with ALS last September. He had his leg amputated about 10 years ago due to circulation/pain issues that were partially a result of leg vein removal as part of a heart bypass surgery about 25 years ago. I don't consider his...
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    Hi - new here

    No issues with chewing and swallowing, but he is not able to feed himself. His speech is a little slowed most of the time. He was given a wheelchair that he can control with just a finger - but he is having great difficulty with that. Right now he needs help with almost everything. I spent...
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    Hi - new here

    My father in law was diagnosed with ALS last month. He was already an amputee in a wheelchair, so we may have missed some early symptoms. His disease seems to be progressing rapidly. Two months ago he was having slight trouble with his hands. Today (October) he can barely use his hands and...