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  • I know how you felt at realizing you just can't fix or even treat ALS. I always knew that something would go kaflewie and when it did I'd just get a doctor to fix it and be on my way. Not so with ALS. The only thing we can fix is our heart and mind.

    Love to you and yours
    Hi Kevalyn! I read your blog. I think your blank stare moments are totally normal. God's comfort to you!
    I know it must have been real hard with all the holidays. I think you made it through the roughest first (Christmas, N.Y. ect...) I hope you and your brother are well. Any parent would be proud to have you and your brother as sons. The weather is starting to get better here, been kinda warm all winter, watch we will get 3 feet in 2 weeks. Thanks for thinking about me. Thanks
    Thank you. It was very difficult. For me, I'm ok as long as I'm around people because it gives me a distraction. It's in the quiet, alone time that I break down.
    Hey Kev, i know this Christmas is going to be hard, you and Bro hand in there, next year is going to be amazing.
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