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  • Due to rules I was not able to ask in your topic, so maybe I ask here:
    I have EMG changes and clean clinical exam, parathyroid issue was my neurologist conclusion according to additional ischemic provocation test done on EMG, but my blood work came clean twice
    I'm just interested if you ever had calcium checked before, so it could somehow hide until the moment it gets low or nobody ever bother to check? Seem weird as it would be basic thing to do
    Unfortunately I'm not from USA and we don't have ALS clinics, just general neuromuscular centres that deal with those issues
    Through MDA in Macon I was referred to a very experienced Dr and he conducted his own emg .. My fourth... And said he did not agree with my previous Dr and also had a muscle biopsy scheduled within 30 days. We feel so confident now that no matter what the final answer is he will find it and tell us within the next couple of months. It was a totally different experience the entire staff was beyond phenomenal, he spent 2.5 hours with me and they treated my family very very well. If you want a second opinion I would recommend the Macon clinic which is run by Dr. Rivner he has more experience than any Dr I have seen so far, and was not clinical in his approach to me. No matter what the final diagnosis is I am 100% sure that he and his staff will not let me down.
    I was diagnosed with PLS in July 2015 at the Emory ALS Clinic. I stumbled upon one of your posts and saw Jackson Ga. I live in Buford. I hope you've been able to find another doctor. My experience with Emory has been similar to yours.
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