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    RCH4 Drug stopped by Dr. Bedlack

    Bedlack might be collateral damage based on his stance. He was not asked to say it worked - how could he? Just to say it did not in his opinion seem like a scam. He was given info to show this fact. None of use has paid a dime ever. This treatment is not going to go away- I just wanted to be...
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    RCH4 Drug stopped by Dr. Bedlack

    Nikki, I found them because I posted that anyone currently taking the drug please contact me. Then s couple of them invited someone they knew. No predisposition other than that. I didn't consider it brave, although my Dr was concerned, but I was dying anyway, if this could slow it great. I...
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    RCH4 Drug stopped by Dr. Bedlack

    I did not say for all time! I am grateful for the so far. I take no supplements, or drugs of any kind. I have found 10 people on my own that are on it with similar results,some better, coincidence? I think not. Please don't put words in my mouth, or demean my Doctor.
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    RCH4 Drug stopped by Dr. Bedlack

    I feel compelled to jump in here. First I pointed out to Dr. Bedlack some months ago that the untangled site was flawed, a person could vote an infinite amount of times in one sitting - helped him fix it. I have been taking RCH4 for 9 months, free. My ALSFRS score has virtually stabilized and...
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    ALS Association Survey

    Someone please tell me why they still have over 100 million in their accounts! It's a very close minded survey also.
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    Stem cell Research in Toronto

    GregK I suspect that the US ALS Association cannot give money to a Canadian effort I'm thinking they can do whatever they want with it. They have their own bylaws as a 501 charity. But them having that much is insane!
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    Stem cell Research in Toronto

    ALS Association USA still has over 100 million in their coffers, what are they waiting for? Even if this is funky, sounds like an inexpensive try. I say start giving money to deals like these, stop spending millions in fancy labs, messing with mice - I'm fed up with that. We aren't mice.
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    Need Advice on Clinical Trials

    Nikki, I do know the NP001 Trial has supposedly been coming for quite a while, they are doing it outside the US. Also, it works on a subset of ALS patients - he can take a specific bloodtest to see if he is a More viable candidate. Good Luck!
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    I use a Trilogy, I was like Tom, didn't use it for a while, felt horrible to me. Got used to it to a point that I like it on for naps now too. Hopefully you will have someone competent enough to set the settings correctly for him - might take a few tries. It travels well, I went to Hawaii, took...
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    CBD, THC, etc Dosage

    Music67, Here you go. The Difference Between THC and CBD | CBD Oil Review
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    Would like opinions and or advice on Lunasin trial

    Seems to me that since Lunasin is available on the open market, and the trial info states which three products they use, why couldn't anyone try the trial on their own? When I heard about the trial I went online, signed up - it's what I call MLM - you have to buy it under someone. I have started...
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    Unapproved ALS Drug

    I'd love to see this put to rest. Let the people that can and will take it take it if they want. It's their lives, and not usually very long at this point. There are people that are cynical, there are risk takers. The fact that we were taught all our lives (at least I was) that there are no free...
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    Unapproved ALS Drug

    If there is anyone on this forum,that is currently taking RCH4, please PM me. i started on the 20th of March. Thanks, Ken
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    Jenny, sorry i missed these messages, I have started mine, have had no adverse reactions. Did...

    Jenny, sorry i missed these messages, I have started mine, have had no adverse reactions. Did your Doctor give you the letter. My email address is [email protected] would be glad to show you a cop of what my Dr. sent, it was pretty vague, I had to talk him into it. email me!
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    For me, the part of the exercise that i believe is helping is the cardio. I measured my oxygen saturation level the other day. it usually registers a 94 or 95. I put it in my car (my wife drives to workout place) and when I get out of the "gym", my t-shirt is wet with sweat (the room is very...