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  • Hi Kelly! The website is www.pattersonmedical.com. I looked at the website and while they do have lots of handy devices I didn't see anything For actual driving. Their catalogue looks like they have a larger more extensive selection of items. My OC mentioned adaptive products for steering and peddles. You might want to get their catalogue or call them and ask at 800/323-5547. Let me know what you find.
    Hi Kelley, I have been following your posts. I read how you came about this site with just questions and then found out you do have ALS. And now your involvement with the NP001 study. My sister was diagnosed last week with ALS and we are where you were at the beginning of your posts. Could we be friends and talk about this journey?
    HI, I noticed your comment that you joined the NP001 trial, I think it did me a lot of good.

    Would you be willing to post your results on the PLM ( Treatment and Side Effect Info from Patients Like You : PatientsLikeMe website along with about 25 others of us so far - we hope by doing this we may help gain access to the drug for all in the trial sooner than the 2012 or 2013 trial completion date.

    If access is gained for all in the trial before the normal completion date even those that get the placebo initially would be switched over to the most effective dose of the drug.

    If your are willing to help please contact me at [email protected] - and I'll give you complete step by step instructions on how to enter your data.

    It can also be done through ALS forum messages like this but it will take several more messages as there is a 1000 character limit to each message.


    Don Alday
    Hi there ! Just checking on you as it has been several days and no word from you. I pray you are well and please let us know how you are doing.................blessings, Cate
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