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    Right to Try

    will Amylyx Reverse ALS,, if my father has lost his ability to move hands or feet, and problem swallowing and he has lost 1 eyesight and have hard time speaking. i do not want to see him suffer , but i am not ready to loose him its only been 1 year since he was diagnosed with ALS. can i buy it...
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    Dynavox Vmax+ w/ eye gaze for sale

    Hi Dimitri, can you please send me a picture of it to see what it looks like thank you
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    Any advice on home modification please ?

    Thank you kindly, I noticed that with out calling and asking a lot nothing happens. My father does not accept any PSW other than my mom ( she use to be PSW) I am just trying to figure it out, I just feel guilty I am slow finding information. You all have been helpful I start with above...
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    Bipap and carrying case

    hello, does it work if its outside with battery as well? i have to find a machine for my dad when we take him in the car , since he can not sit in car due to not enough air he said. thank you
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    Any advice on home modification please ?

    Hello, my father has been battling ALS since august 2019. Only me and my mother he accepts care so PSW. My dad now has lost the use of hand and legs . Me and my mom are having hard time moving him in house and to washroom and shower or anywhere . We have been waiting to figure out how to get...
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    Dynavox Vmax+ w/ eye gaze for sale

    Hello, is this eye gaze ? I need something for my father with ALS he is not able to speak but he can use his head and eyes . He can not move his hands either would this work? my condolences . May he Rest In Peace .
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    Looking for small inside home base wheelchair lift

    Hi, New here. i have not managed to find a solution for my father since he has been diagnosed with ALS in sept 2019. so far i pretty much carry him up and down the 4 stair we have to go shower and for bed time. but i think soon i will not be able to . stair lift will not work , and ALS canada...